Dental Emergencies Welcome
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Do you see children?

Of course!  We’re a family practice, and our staff loves helping young and old patients alike achieve their perfect smile. Take a look at our children’s dentistry page to learn more.

I’m having a dental emergency! Can you help?

Yes! At BlueStone Dental, our team will do everything we can to see you on the same day as your emergency call. Our goal is to give you or your loved one relief as soon as we can. Take a look at our emergency dentistry page to learn more.

Can you help me get rid of TMJ pain?

Definitely. Your little TMJ joints can cause big problems, leading to near-debilitating discomfort and pain over time. Treatment options like splint therapy and botox therapy are great modalities to address TMJ pain. Visit our TMJ/bruxism therapy page to learn more.

Which tooth replacement solution is right for me?

What’s most important is that you’re able to regain a complete, healthy smile that works great for you. Many patients prefer dental implants because of their exceptional aesthetic benefits and lifelike quality, while others turn to the affordable and reliable nature of dental bridges or dentures. Dr. Hustad Davidson will be happy to work with you through discussions and examinations to help you determine the best option for your unique needs. 

Is it true that a dentist can help treat my sleep apnea?

It is! Instead of having to wear a noisy and bulky CPAP machine, sleep apnea patients can pursue oral appliance therapy at our Duluth, MN practice. This simple, customized device can reposition your jaw and/or tongue while you sleep, keeping you breathing easy throughout the entire night. Visit our sleep apnea therapy page to learn more.